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Hello, (Go Away)

$30.00 / Sold Out

Edition of 75
36 pages
148 x 210mm
Saddle stitched

Also available as an edition with two instant prints.

I was given a new polaroid camera a few months after I met Meghan. Shooting pictures with it brought me back to two decades earlier, when I first started as a photographer after becoming involved in the DIY and punk scene. That scene inspired me to make whatever art I could with the tools I had available. I took my hand-me-down polaroid camera with me everywhere. In 2021 I drove to Nashville, Tennessee, every weekend to see Meghan. I would shoot whenever I could in the still, mostly locked-down world. In this spirit of my DIY scene roots, I used the tools I had available to me and my all-in-one printer/scanner at work, to make scans. The results are imperfect, the scans aren't the best, and there is some dust, but the pictures show what that era felt like, driving between the Midwest and South to see my new love. It was an adventure.
- Nathan Pearce